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Awards and nominations

The activities of HK Unicorn Squad have been noticed and recognised with various awards and nominations.

Grand prize in the category "Activities / series of activities in the popularization of science and technology"

Issuer: Estonian Research Council 14.11.2023

Inspirer of the year 2020

Issuer: Association of Non-Governmental Organisations 29.11.2020

A valuable contributor 2019

Issuer: Startup Estonia 12.12.2019

Giving Back Powerhouse of 2020 TOP3

Issuer: Estonian Startup Awards 2020

Nominees of the Year Contributor

Issuer: “Thanks to the Youth”, Ministry of Education and Research 29.02.2020

Media coverage

Feedback and participant comments

Laura Nestor

Parent, squad participant’s mother

My daughter Friida has been a member of HK Unicorn Squad since it was created. Naturally, she will still not skip a single lesson. She says that all of the projects are extremely exciting, and the solutions always help her develop. Also,  a special delight is provided by a lovely tradition – the famous cinnamon pastries, which are served at the end of every lesson. As a parent, I dare say that over the years Friida’s interest in technology has grown and inventing has become an everyday activity in our home.

Lenna Kurnitski

Squad participant

I have been a member of Merivälja Unicorn group since the very beginning. I started already in the second grade and I was the youngest then. The classes are great, we have a very nice group and all of the tasks are cool. The tasks can be a little intimidating at first, but when they are completed, it feels very good. Our girls especially like spheric robots and drones. We love summer camps, we look forward to them – then several interesting tasks can be solved during a day.

Andreas Kaju

Parent, father of two participants

I sometimes witness with great disappointment how society pushes girls into one-sided roles – those in which they should refrain from risks, from the unknown, from doubting. Such a life would be a dead end for both my daughters and the society as a whole. HK Unicorn Squad has been created by a father who thinks in the same way. I am grateful to Taavi and to the whole team that they have turned their disappointment into a solution that will bear more fruit in Estonia than we can imagine!

Merete Tiik

Squad participant

Unicorn Squad teaches technology in an interesting and somewhat funny way. Over the past few months, I have come across things I had only heard of before. Much has been discovered and much remains to be discovered.

Kristel Peterson


When running Unicorn Squad classes, my conviction that the world is open in front of these super-awesome girls and no stupid stereotype troll will ever restrain them, deepens every time. On the other hand, the job of an instructor has given me a lot of additional courage, so I dared to pivot in my personal professional career.

Merike Tiik

Instructor and parent

Unicorn Squad ignites an interest in the field of technology in girls, they become bolder and more confident discovering this world, looking for logic and connections in their everyday lives. In addition to the joy of discovery, technology classes offer girls awesome moments in great company, helping and supporting each other, giving advice and listening. I believe that unicorns will become successful individuals, good communicators and courageous pioneers in the future!